CAD Standards

What are CAD Standards?

At the most fundamental level, CAD Standards are guidelines for the way drawings appear, ensuring a consistent graphic look and feel throughout all drawings produced in a set or from an office.  As a result, CAD Standards tend to be unique to each architectural office.

On a deeper level, CAD Standards are established guidelines for the way drawings are created, organized, edited & brought through the entire design & construction process. It is through these guidelines that a specific graphic look and feel is maintained.

Why have Bethany Pritchard Consulting  develop your CAD Standards?

Not only will  we make sure the task gets carried through and completed, but we will automate & document the standards so the production CAD designers do their work more efficiently, following the standards without having to think about following the standards.

How do we do this?

  • Standard file naming, organization and methodologies for the way drawings are put together.
  • Standard layers and pen settings / plot style tables
  • Templates (Revit & ACA)
  • Custom drag & drop tools from tool palettes and / or design center (ACA only)
  • ACA custom content
  • ACA detail component manager customization & additions
  • Custom Revit Families & Content
  • Documentation
  • Training